October 3, 2009

What the #$%!!

Princess has regressed! The other day, when I picked her up from day care, the daycare owner told me what she gave Princess for lunch...she gave her chicken nuggets! I don't know if that was what made her regress or if it happened more resently. I have a feeling that she was given the wrong food yesterday. I don't really trust the lady from yesterday. I have a feeling she doesn't really care what she feeds Princess as long as it's easy. Little Prince told me they had hot dogs. So did she feed Princess hot dogs with the buns. Anyway, Princess is back to flapping her arms, spinning, babbling..the whole 9 yards. She even cries when I try to get her to go in the potty. We are keeping them home until Friday, both DH and I have to work. I have to work next weekend but that will be the last time they go to daycare.

DH and I have decided it would be for the best if Princess and Little Prince don't go to daycare anymore. We will just have to work our schedules out so one of us will be home with them. It will also save us about $1000 a month and we will be able to control her food better. Plus, the owner said we should call her if we ever need daycare for a day. I think Little Prince will miss it at first but will get used to it (kind of like his bio-mom).

They had another parental visit this week. Little Prince walked right by mom again to play with the puzzles. Then walked by her again to go to the area they visit in (supervised). Princess wouldn't give her a kiss, at the end of the visit, when asked. I'm not sure, but I think that was their last visit.

Little Prince's parents are thinking about voluntarily giving up parental rights. They have until next month to decide and if they don't, the court hearings will begin. I think if the mom gives up Little Prince, she will give up Princess too. They know we love them and they love us and we can give them a good home. I'm really hoping it happens soon so we can exhale.


  1. What is up with the daycare lady? You would think she would rather have easier behavior and stick with the GFCF diet. Do you have another daycare that you liked?

  2. Daycare; on the days I work, DH will keep them. I sometimes work on the weekends (he works nights), he will have to go to work a little late (when I get home) and come home a little early (so I can leave). He works for a good company that lets him use his FMLA like that.