January 28, 2009

And the next step is?

Our background checks came back yesterday. All is good. I wonder when we can have our second two-hour meeting? I can't seem to get a hold of Linda, they must be closed today because of the weather.

We've been hit hard with winter weather and the area is not use to it. A lot of people called into work today but as my boss said "Healthcare doesn't get snow days". It would have to get pretty bad for me to call in. I figure you just drive slower than usual and watch out for the other guy.

I got on the American Red Cross website yesterday. They are offering CPR classes next month (and in March) but DH would have to take two days to get all the training he can get in one class if he waits until April. I think we will wait for the agency's CPR class in April. It's kind of a let down, but that means we probably won't have a placement until mid-May.

"Good things come to those to wait"

January 27, 2009

Are we Criminals? Not hardly!

It's been a little while since I have posted but nothing has really happened. It seems everything is going so slow. I'm the type of person that wants it here and now.

Late last week we had to get our fingerprints taken for the background check. I had to go to a website and fill out a form, then print the paper that contained a bar code (we each needed one). I had set up the appointment with a local business to do the fingerprinting. The location was pretty convenient, not far from the house. It was all digital which means it wasn't messy like the ink prints. It didn't take her long to do mine except my fingers were dry so she had to put lotion on them a couple times. DH didn't take very long either but he has part of a finger missing on one hand so the fingerprint looked funny - the machine excepted it anyway. We should get the results back today or tomorrow by email. After we get them back, I have to forward them to Linda so she can see a copy ASAP. They will give her the results directly but not for about two weeks.

I received some bad news last week - the CPR class is not scheduled until the end of April. I really thought we would be licensed at the end of March but it doesn't look like it. DH did get the shift he wanted at work so he might be able to take a class during the week. I'm going to call the Red Cross and/or the American Heart Assoc. I think both give CPR classes that also cover infectious diseases.

January 13, 2009

Daycare without a clue!

I'm lost when it comes to finding a good daycare. I found a whole list of them on the state website which was very helpful. It listed the hours of operation, occupant limit, license dates, owners, and phones numbers. I was able to pick out the ones I wanted to call. I know I need one that is open at least until 7:30pm which is hard to find. It's also hard to find one open on the weekends. I called several daycare yesterday. Most of them are open 24/7, some closed on Sundays and one closes at 10pm. I guess any of these times would work. The one closed on Sunday would mean DH couldn't sign up for a Sunday that I was working (which is only one to two times a month). We really only need care from approximately 2pm to 7:30pm but you can't pay by the hour. Prices seem to range from $90/wk to $125/wk. I asked, most of the ones I called, about meals. Most serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. I think the time the child would be in daycare, they would get a snack and dinner. If DH had to work early, the child would get a morning snack and lunch also. I like the thought of dinner since by the time I would pick them up it could be almost 8pm by the times we got home. That's pretty late to fix dinner. Some of the daycare are "level 1" which I think the state is going to make mandatory within the next year or two. It would be bad to find a daycare and then have to switch if the state didn't approve later on. Most of them didn't have a problem with different children coming after I explained that we may have a child for a week, a month, or a year. As long has they have shot records and papers they don't care. I'm sure we can work something out with pay. I would hate to pay for time not used but on the other hand, I would hate for someone else to take the spot and the daycare be full. DH and I have to talk about how convenient the location is. I think most of them are about 10 minutes away from the house. I want to narrow it down to a few and then I think we should visit them to see how they "feel".

Almost a room, almost a child

I've tried to post this twice already, I'm going to try one more time.

Sunday, I worked on the room for several hours. We accumulated a lot of stuff. I took everything out of the room and had to find another place to put it. I took out everything but the bed, dresser and mirrored vanity. After I cleared most everything out, I was able to set up the crib. I thought there were directions, but the only directions I received with it was to convert it to either a daybed or a full size bed. I figured out everything but how to put the rail on to use as a crib. Right now it's a daybed to be used as a toddler bed. (I'll post a picture when the room looks better.)

I spoke with Linda yesterday to let her know I was able to schedule the training classes through the county. Initially, the agency didn't have their own scheduled so Linda wanted us to use the county. I had been trying to get the county training person to call me back starting last week but - no luck. I tried one more time yesterday morning and she answered her phone. To make a long story short, we are scheduled for training, starting the second week in March with the county. Since we are using the county training, we have to take an additional two hours through the agency to learn their info. Then when I spoke with Linda yesterday, she informed me they have a class starting the end of March. We decided the schedule the county has will work better. It's three Saturdays in a row so DH won't have to take any time off work. I will have to switch only one Saturday, but I will probably work a Sunday for someone in trade. Linda said we will probably be certified by the end of March!! - almost a child.

January 6, 2009

Almost 2 hours

We met with Linda yesterday for almost 2 hours. Actually, DH said it would have been a shorter meeting if I didn't talk so much, but I had questions! ha ha. Anyway, there was a lot more paperwork to fill out and sign. We had to give them permission for a back ground check on each of us and we went over what our roles are and the agency's roles are. Linda also brought up the training. They still have not scheduled a session and they won't until they have more people needing training. Linda wants us to attend the county's training, which is fine but it would include another two hours on top of the counties for their agency. I called the county contact today but she hasn't called me back yet. I will have to rearrange my weekend schedule at work so I can be off three Saturdays in a row. I'm hoping I can trade someone Sundays for Saturdays. It would mean I would have to work about five Sundays in a row but it would be worth it. We can either do the training in February or March, it will depend if there are openings. Linda also told us because we are not going through the county for foster care, we could be bumped out of the training if they get too many people. The sooner we get through the training the sooner we can be foster parents. Linda also told us we will be the only foster parents in our town which is really surprising since our town is pretty good size. She also told us there is a shortage of African-American foster parents, and that about 70% of foster children are white.

January 2, 2009

The List

Watching Craig's List has paid off. I found three different baby cribs last night. I sent emails to all three and this morning two had emailed me back to say they were sold already. I thought, well I'll just keep watching. But the third person emailed me back and the crib was still available. We emailed back and forth a few times and finally I sent my cell number so she could call me. I wanted to pick it up on Monday so DH could go with me but the seller was busy on Monday. She told me her hubby could deliver it and we decided to meet at a local gas station this evening. It's a beautiful crib! I can't believe how good a shape it's in and the quality. It's got to be at least a $300 crib and I got it for $125 with a matteress. Also, it's one of those convertible cribs that converts to a toddler bed and then to a double bed. I'm soooo excited, I can't wait to set it up but first I have to rearrange the room and get rid of some stuff to make room.

I guess the seller of the table and chairs I was suppose to get decide not to sell them, since she hasn't emailed me back.

January 1, 2009

Dad approves?

During my conversation with Dad, on Sunday, he asked me what's happening with the foster parent thing (or something like that). I told him where we were and that we're suppose to meet with Linda next Monday. He asked me all kinds of questions that I didn't have answers to like "does the agency know the back grounds of the kids?, how do they match the kids with the foster parents? are the kids screened for self injury issues?". My guess is that it would depend on the situation. If the kid(s) are taken out of their home during a police matter, like drugs or violates, then they probably don't have much back ground information. Maybe it depends on if the child (children) are long term or short term placements. Linda told us they try to match the child and the foster family as much as possible but I wonder if it means they pull the child out of a foster home if they find a better match somewhere else? I don't think they should move a child if there's not a problem but I don't know what actually happens. Dad saw a lot of troubled youths when he worked for the state but those were older kids not like the four and under that we would be getting. Now, on the other hand, I think my brother is worried about how we will feel when the little ones have to leave. I'm concerned about that also but I won't know exactly how it is until it happens for the first time. That's just part of being a foster parent.

I see all the pictures of kids during Christmas from the varies blogs I follow and I can't wait to have my own, to take pictures of. Of course, I won't be allowed to share them with anyone but I can have our own private memory book to keep.

PS. I haven't discussed foster care with Mom yet.