The Princess story

Princess is our five year old foster daughter who was diagnosed with Autism about a month before she came into our home. We are her foster parents and have been since July 2009. She does not speak but she does use some sign language. She is a very happy child and loves hugs and kisses. She will pretty much run up to anyone to get a hug. She has no "strange danger" thoughts.

Princess has come a long way in the past eight months. The court worker that comes out to see her once month even made a comment last time. She remembers when Princess would sit on her lap and flap or spin around the room, not making eye contact with anyone. Now she can follow two step instructions and sometimes even three step. Six months ago I would have never dreamed of sending her to her room to get a pair of panties. Last week I asked her to get a pair and I couldn't figure out what was taking her so long. I called up the stairs and she was sitting at the top, getting fully dressed.

On Sept. 18th 2009 we started Princess on a GFCF (gluten free/casein free) diet. It was hard at first but now we pretty much know what she can have and can't have. Sometimes there is a little slip up and it effects her for days but for the most part we do OK with it. Even the school is very careful with her snacks.

Before the diet change she simmed, didn't make eye contact and I don't think she even knew she had a brother. Now the only thing I notice her doing, in regards to simming, is playing with the blind cords and when she gets excited she jumps up and down. She makes good eye contact and most of the time she listens. She also plays with her brother and will give him hugs and kisses.

We also have been giving her vitamin B for a while and started her on vitamin D and probiotics the first week in February(2009). We have seen more improvements with her think capability.

She will be starting Kindergarten this year and her teacher thinks she will be able to join a regular class throughout the day and eventually be able to finish school in a normal class room setting. They call her amazing!

On approximately July 14, we started slowly adding gluten and dairy to her diet. It's been over two weeks and we haven't seen any changes. I wonder if her gut healed? I don't know if that happens.