March 21, 2009

First Class

Well, since I last blogged we attended our first of three classes. It went great! We learned a lot of stuff about what to expect and a lot of rules to follow. We are rethinking our preferred age group. We are still nervous about older children but we can always say "no" to a placement if we don't like the info given. We are thinking. maybe a boy under 10 would be OK. We are also thinking about a temporary placement called respit. Respit is taking care of a child or children for another foster family while they go on vacation or just need a break. It might be a good way to have a older child in the house but on a trial basis.

We met some really nice people that were there to be foster parents. One's children are already grown, one couple has small children and the other doesn't have any children (like us) but works with small children everyday. We are approximately a little over a month way before being licensed. yehhhhhh!

Update on DH; he's lost about 10+ pounds and has been exercising and watching what he eats. He went back to the MD and was told he doesn't need medication for elevated blood sugar. He has gotten his levels down to a good level and continues to check his blood about twice a day. I'm so proud of him and he's looking but good too!

March 7, 2009

No physical yet

DH went for his physical about two weeks ago and didn't get it. Instead the MD did blood work which showed his sugar was elevated. I don't want to say high because I have heard of people with a lot higher, but it wasn't normal. A few days later he went for a glucose tolerance test. He had to drink liquid that was real high in sugar and then be tested every hour for the next four hours. Needless to say the MD diagnosed him with diabetes. It's been a stressful few weeks. The MD seems to think he can control it with diet and exercise and we think so too. From the day he had the test, DH was been watching and planning everything he eats. He's also been exercising. The MD wants him to check his sugar twice a day for two weeks. DH has been checking it at least five times a day!! He has gotten it down to almost normal, just by eating right. He says he feels like he's eating more than before but I think he's eating more often but smaller portions and the right combination of foods. I'm sure we can beat this or at least deal with it. It took me some time to plan the two meals he has to take to work today. I guess it will get faster as we get more use to it. His next appointment he will have his physical.