January 23, 2010

Bad day for Daddy and LP

One of Little Prince's greatest fears came true today - he fell into the toilet! He has been afraid of falling into the toilet for some time. Most of the time he goes to the bathroom by himself but sometimes he asks us to help him/hold him so he doesn't fall in. Today he did fall in and then my sweet DH tried to tell him he was too big to fall in (too big to go down into the toilet) but Little Prince didn't believe him so DH held him and carefully lowered him down into the toilet. Well, that back fired! Little Prince started crying and now he won't use that toilet. DH told me that he carried his little stool across the house and used our bathroom in our room. Poor little guy. We will have to get him over that fear, I don't want him using our bathroom!

As you may know, DH works all Thursday night, then comes home so I can go to work and then stays up with the kids until I get home Friday evening. I don't know how he does it or how much longer he can do it. He calls me a couple times a day just to talk to me. This afternoon he called to tell me he was having a trying day. LP was upstairs crying so DH asked him what was wrong (from the bottom of the stairs), LP answered "I poopy'd". DH told him "that's OK, I will be up in a minute to wipe you". Well, when he got up there, LP had a case of diarrhea. It was all over the floor, down his legs, all over the toilet and he was standing there saying "I sorry Daddy, I sorry Daddy". Another "poor little guy". Daddy told him it was OK and that accidents happen. DH said it took him a while to get it all cleaned up and then he put LP in a "warm" shower.

I wish I was home. Actually, I received a text message from DH early this morning saying that he wishes our house would sell so we could pay off some bills and then I could quit working. We do miss each other. We don't have a day off together anymore and that's harder than we thought it would be. We thought we would have the evenings together but what we didn't think about is it wouldn't be just him and I. It really changed when we received the babies.

I learned two days ago that bio-mom is thinking about give up custody of her kids. There is a couple north of us who would like to adopt the twins and their sister would stay within the her family. I hope it's as easy as that but I have a feeling that terminating parental rights (TPR) is going to be a long, drawn out process. From what I understand, the man named on the birth certificate is not the father and the actual father lives outside the country. Fun, Fun. Oh, another thing; bio-mom wants me to text her every few days to let her know how the babies are but she hasn't even kept in contact with the case worker. If she is so concerned about the babies then why doesn't she ask the case worker to contact me? I don't want her to have my cell number so I called our cell company to find out how to block my number. They informed me that there was no way to do that but that I could block it when I made a call. I let the caseworker know what the cell company said and now he wants me to call her every few days to let her know how her kids are!

January 22, 2010

5 Minutes for Giveways

What a great blog site. These two sisters give way a lot of great stuff. Everyone should check it out. You can get to the site by the button to the right. Good luck but let me win first..haha

January 17, 2010

Vegetables - yuk!

For days now we have been giving Princess green beans. Just last month she loved green beans but now she has decided she doesn't want to eat them. It was the only vegetables she would eat. It started at lunch, yesterday, DH made her a nice lunch and she refused to eat the beans. Last night at dinner he made another meal with beans and she refused to eat them. This morning at breakfast and at lunch, she received green beans again and refused to eat them. Needless to say, she was starving by dinner time (3:00). So, DH decide not the fight with her about beans and made her chicken and french fries. He gave her one french fry, she stuck in her mouth and refused to chew it and swallow it!! Finally she ate it and he gave her the rest of her lunch. The first thing she reached for was a french fry!!!

I don't understand why she won't eat green beans anymore or other vegetables. Could her tastes change so fast? We will have to find a different vegetable that she likes.

January 15, 2010

Some sick, some injured

I'm getting over sickness. I can't believe how sick I've been over the last two months. I think it's finally going away. I feel much better today. The sore throat really had me worried but at least I can swallow again. I hardly ever called in to work and now since we got LP and Princess I've called in the maximum of five times. Needless to say, I got a written notice today. They give you sick hours but you can't really use them. I think I have over 200 hours saved but if I call in three more times before July I won't have a job!

The children are fine. I'm so thankful they didn't get sick. They've made up for it in injuries! Both Little Prince and Princess have fallen down the stairs. The stair are carpeted but there is hard wood at the bottom. Little Prince has fallen three times!! The first time he didn't get hurt, the second time he hit his head and made a knot above his right eye. The third time scared me half to death! I heard him fall all the way down and then hit the floor. He was still laying there by the time I ran from the kitchen. I picked him up and turned him over. He told me he hit his head and then I noticed his bloody nose. I quickly woke up DH and told him. I didn't know if he hit his nose or really hit his head so hard it made his nose bleed. He had another knot in the middle of his forehead, a fat lip, a bloody nose and a bruise across his right cheek along his jaw line. But according to LP "he didn't fall, he rolled down the stairs". Then to make things worse, Princess tried to fall later that night.

I had just gone to bed, thinking everyone was asleep. Then I hear the pitter-patter of little Princess feet running up and down the hall way upstairs. I jumped out of bed and ran up the stair. I told her she was suppose to be in bed. She had actually undid her gate and set it nicely again the wall. Well, I couldn't put her in the "corner" upstairs because she would have woke the other kids up. So, I escorted her down the steps...half way down she slipped and I hung on to her arm. I thought for sure it was broke. I called DH and told him what had happened and he came right home (he was on his way to work). DH took her to the ER and was there for about 4 hours while they did xrays and "popped" her tendon, in her elbow, back in place. She walked around for days like it was a rag hanging from her shoulder. They gave her a sling to use which she didn't and when she didn't think we were looking, she would move her arm. It's better now but that really scared me.

The babies are getting better. I had to take them up for a doctors appointment last week. They still needed their last shot of Synigus (spelling?), it's for RSV. While they were there the doctor looked at their ears and listen to their lungs. It's turned out Bouncy had an ear infection so we had to get a prescription for her. Sunshine was fine and got a clean bill of health. I think they might be behind on their immunizations but it's a long process when you are dealing with doctors in different cities. I'm trying to get records consolidated.

All the kids are sleeping upstairs most nights. The twins take turns sleeping down stairs only because they are taking turns sleeping through the night! It's weird how that happens but I was so tired today that I think I will try to keep them awake after their last bottle and try to get them to sleep for the night at a reasonable time.

Little Prince has been sleeping in his room but has developed a fear of monsters. He thinks their in his closet. We have told him there are no such thing as monsters and he doesn't believe us and then we told him this house doesn't have monsters, still doesn't believe us. So, now we tell him that monsters don't like giraffes and his 4ft giraffe, next to his bed, will keep the monsters away. It seems to work except he's still getting up between six and six-thirty every morning. At least this house has alarm tones on the doors that go off is someone opens the door. We know as soon as he is up and out the door. Then he stands at the top of the stairs and calls for us to watch him come down the stairs on his "rump".

All is well at the new house. I am planning to do some more packing at the other house so we can be totally moved over here. We haven't unpacked everything yet but we want everything to have a place and that takes time.

It sure is harder to take time to blog with four little ones in the house. I will try harder next time. I don't like to make long entries but the last two were catchup blogs.