July 19, 2009

On the top of the list

We finally got another call. Well, let me start from the beginning. DH and I decided that the child we turned down deserved a home so I called the agency and talked to the counselor. She told me I could come in and look over the file since parental rights had been terminated. I was only expecting the read over the one child's file but was able to read over the sibling's also. By the time I was done reading I had decided neither one of the children would be a good fit. I told DH what I had read and asked him to call the agency the next day and tell them "no". Well, the next day we were out running around and he decided to just stop into the agency and see if he could read the files. After reading them we talked about it some more and decided to take the young one in but we agreed we would not be able to take in the sibling. We talked with the therapists about DH's concerns along with other problems we might run into. Everything was set and we were going to be considered until we got home.

After we got home I checked our voice mail and there was a call from the same counselor we had just visited. She had two young children who were about to be up for foster to adopt. DH and I were so excited...I called her right back to tell her "we'll take them". She gave me a little information and told me she had already sent our "home study" for the other agency to review and we are on the top of the list. I'm sure hoping we get a call this week saying we were the best fit.

PS - lesson learned; make sure the agency has all means to contact you. We missed a call for a 3wk baby because I was at work and DH was sleeping after working all night. They didn't have my cell number. I guess it wasn't meant to be.