Little Prince

Little Prince is the youngest of two children. He has a half sister who we call Princess. Both of the children have been our foster children since July 2009. We are planning to adopt them as soon as possible. They fit into our family right from the beginning and we can't amagine life without them. In fact, he started calling me "mommy" the first day and DH "daddy" within two days.

Little Prince is now three years old. He is quite smart for his age which sometimes gets him in trouble. He is currently learning to read with the "Babies Can Read" program. The last two days, he has got all ten word card right without any help from DH. He's very out spoken and will pretty much talk to anyone once he has met them. When he first meets someone he can be kind of shy but after that it's non-stop talking. In fact, he talks from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed.

When we first received him into our home, he was kind of hard for us to understand but now he has quite a vocabulary. We had First Steps at the house for some other foster children and the ladies even commented about how advanced his vocabulary is. We do not talk baby talk to any of the children, no matter how old they are. I believe that has something to do with his conversations.

He has been day time potty trained since November 2009 but still wears a diaper during nap time and at night. He doesn't like to go the bed because he might miss something.

When we first got him, he would let me hold him until he fell asleep. It was so cute how he would look up at me like it was studying my face. Then all of a sudden he started telling me he wanted to get in his bed while I was holding him. Pretty soon he didn't want me to hold him any more. Now he says he wants to snuggle but when we try it, he doesn't like it. I guess my little boy is growing up.

He's grown at least two inches in the last eight months. He needs to grow. When I took them for their physical, the doctor told me he's in the tenth percential for his height and twentyth for his weight. In other words, his little.

According to WIC, LP has grown four inches within the past year! They have it in their records that he only grew an inch the year before that. How can a child that's between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 only grow an inch?