October 9, 2009

Sick again

Princess gave us quite a scare this morning. It actually started last night. She fell asleep on the couch around 6pm (before I got home). Around eight, DH carried her to bed. I really didn't think she would sleep all night. Before we went to bed about eleven, we checked on her. She seemed to be fine. She slept through dinner and we hadn't changed her into her PJ's. When DH and I went to bed, I made him a deal...if he got up with her in the middle of the night, I would let him sleep in this morning. She never woke up.

Little Prince came in our room at about 7:30 this morning and wanted his car we had to take away last night (different story). I got him something to drink and turned a movie on for him until I could fix breakfast. DH got up shortly after that and I told him we should check on Princess. She usually wakes right up or is already awake and hops out of bed to greet us..not this morning. She didn't want to stay awake and she certainly didn't want to get out of bed. I felt her for a fever but she didn't feel like she had one. Then I remembered what DH told me yesterday, she was flushed before she fell asleep and didn't want to eat a snack. Later she ate a little breakfast and I gave her a shower. She then fall asleep for over an hour in front of the TV (doesn't usually nap). We were hoping she wasn't getting sick.

Then in the afternoon, DH made a comment that I was probably going to end up in the ER later. Sure enough. Before he had to leave for work, we decided I had better take her to the emergency clinic up the street. Before we did that, we took her temperature it read 99.6, which I didn't think was right. She felt quite hot. When I got in to see the nurses, they took her temperature and it read 103.4!! They put a Tylenol suppository in while they were at it. She doesn't like anyone (including myself) touching any where down "there". They also swabbed her nose for the flu test. She began to calm down and stop crying then they came back to tell me the doctor wanted her tested for strep. We had to hold her down again and they swabbed her throat. Keep in mind, she doesn't like any of this and we had to wrap her in her blanket to restrain her. She was not happy! Well, both tests came back negative. The doctor looked in her ears (restrained again) and said the right ear looked a little red. The only thing he could find was maybe an ear infection and that's what she's being treated for. I have my doubts..I still think it's the flu. Many people have been sick for days before they test positive for the H1N1 and I think it might be the same for her. There are several people I know who have it. Two of the people I work with and one of thems whole family (two year old and 6 month old, along with hubby). I just hope she doesn't get worse. Scary stuff.


  1. Hope she feels better and that the rest of you don't get sick.

  2. thank you. I hope your don't get it.