October 15, 2009

She's back?

Princess is having a great day today. She woke up when she wanted to and was in a good mood. She received something to drink and then went potty when she was asked. Then she was asked to get some socks from her room she left to get them. After a little while, DH went to check on her. She was sitting on the floor of her room, with her back to the door, putting on her socks. She already had a pair of shorts on (they were sitting on her vanity). DH went to her dresser, without her noticing, and got out a t-shirt and walked out. A little later Princess came out with the t-shirt on and her shoes on..the right feet no less!!

When I got home, Little Prince was engross in a TV show and didn't even notice I was home. It gave me a chance to change my clothes and give Princess some loves. She was full of smiles. I picked her up and she rubbed her cheek on my cheek. It was so sweet. She was laughing and hugging. I love it when she's like that. Little Prince noticed me during a commercial. I found out he had been watching Jurassic Park. Well anyway, I guess Princess is "back" or was she just having a good day.

She is still on the Amoxicillin so we were expecting she would be regressed until at least early next week but maybe, just maybe it wasn't the Amoxicillin. Maybe it was either the Motrin, fever, or did the daycare give her something again while she was there last Sunday?

The kids had to go to daycare for six hours Sunday morning. We really tried to work it out so they wouldn't have to go but DH needed some sleep and I had to work. Anyway, the daycare lady didn't seem as friendly as usual. Maybe she was just tired. Two of her own kids have been sick and she told me that she had spent the last few days on the couch. I guess we won't know exactly what caused the regression until maybe Princess gets sick again.

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