October 8, 2009

Feeling like a kid again

Princess seems to be saying bigger words. After DH gave Little Prince a cookie yesterday he said "yummy", then Princess took a bite and said "yummy"! She also said "bubble" while we were playing the blowing bubbles game.

The other day, I showed her how to stand on her head. I asked her to put her head down and put her arms out to the side. At first she had one hand right but the other one, she had the back of her hand against the floor, we fixed that. She couldn't balance very good but she got the idea. Then I remember when I was little I used to stand on my head against the wall. So I got her to do it against the wall, while I held her feet. We only did it a couple times and I figured I would try it at a later date. A couple days later, DH got my attention and told me to look in her room, she was trying to stand on her head against the crib! She was really trying. I was impressed, she remembered. More and more she seems to be getting better.

Little Prince is doing good with his ABC's. We sing the song every time were in the car and several times through out the day. When we get to the end we say "now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with ME". He always says "ME" really loud and then we go back and forth with each of us saying me. It's so funny. He misses a couple letters when he does it on his own but we've only been working on it a couple weeks. He also will tell you his name now. Before, when you asked him his name, he would say his sisters name. He's a smart little dude. He surprises me everyday.

Yesterday, DH was vacuuming the living room and Little Prince grabbed his bean bag and put it on the couch to get it out of the way, then went back for Princess' bean bag and moved it to the couch. I think that's pretty smart for a 2 year old. Oh, I don't think I told this before but he knows his right hand, leg, arm from his left! We ask him every once in a while where his right hand is but last night he ran into the wall with his arm. DH asked him if it was his right or left arm and he answered "left" and when showed him where it hurt.

We are going to start working more with both of them on their ABC's, numbers and colors.

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