October 18, 2009

Let's keep it going

Princess has had three good days in a roll. She's even been giving me hugs and kisses. She's gone to the potty on her own several times. She still gets frustrated when we don't know what she wants. I either never noticed or she just started to forget her signs. She won't tell you what she wants whether it's a cookie or a drink. We are really starting to work on this since it can be very frustrating for both her and us. I made up some little picture squares to go along with the ones her teacher sent home. I then glued them to magnets to stick on the side of the frig. I'm going to start working with her tomorrow. I'm hoping she will point or even bring us a magnet when she wants something. I'm only starting with about a dozen basic needs. I will only work on a few at a time.

Something else we've been working on is Little Prince's potty training. I can't seem to get him to go the potty before goes in his diaper. When I do ask him if he has to go potty, he cries and says he's fine. Even when I try to change his diaper, he makes a fuss. He has never got in trouble for messing in his diaper so I don't understand what's changed. Tonight right before dinner, I asked him if he wanted his big boy pants on. I hung a pair above the toilet a couple days ago to remind him that they were there. He didn't want them on at first and kept saying "diaper" but finally I talked him into it. I thought it would be a good idea to have him go in the potty first but that didn't help. Half way through dinner he told me he was wet. We went into the bathroom and he tried to go in the potty and I put a clean/dry pair of underwear on him. After he had eaten all his dinner, no more than 30 minutes later, he told me he was wet. I admit, I got upset. How could he pee his pants again when he just went and didn't have anything to drink with dinner? This time I put a diaper on him and proceed to clean up the mess. He didn't just pee a little bit but a big puddle on the chair. I even had to wash the padding on his booster/high chair. I wonder if he just doesn't want to be considered a "big boy". Sometimes I think he wants to stay a baby. Maybe he's just not ready for potty training. We are going to continue to ask him to try to go in the toilet and maybe soon he will do it himself.

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