October 6, 2009

Improvement coming, daycare going

For the most part, Princess is back on track. It took a couple days to get her back where she was...a couple of long days. Now we are working with her "telling" us what she wants. She knows a little sign language but doesn't really tell you what she wants. If she needs something, she usually starts fussing or gets mad. We gave her GFCF pancakes and a fried egg the last few mornings for breakfast. We taught her the sign for pancake this morning. She has also learned the sign for sandwich within the last few days. Anyway, a couple hours after breakfast, she started to fuss and I asked her what she wanted. She gave me the sign for pancake!! I was so surprised that she remembered. She doesn't sign it perfect but she got the point across. She also signed the sign for sandwich at lunch time. I asked her if she wanted PB&J for lunch and showed her the sandwich sign and she did it right away. That's definitely better than a couple days ago. She couldn't even maintain eye contact. She is back to being able to watch TV through a half hour show. We can only hope for continued improvements.

Improvements should continue with the right diet. I made GFCF white bread in the bread machine. It turned out really good. My next thing to make is GFCF pancakes from scratch. We will be able to control her diet better with the school giving her one of the snacks we send and the rest of her meals coming from us. She will know longer be going to daycare after this weekend.

DH and I will work out our work schedules to make sure we don't need daycare. DH works nights and I work days (3 days/wk). On the days I work he will go to work late and leave early. He works for a really good company that lets him use his FMLA that way.

Little Prince is doing good. We are working on using the potty. We are still having a problem with him pooping in the potty but he did it yesterday for the first time. We showed him how happy and proud we were of him. But today we weren't so lucky..twice. He pees in the potty if you remind him so hopefully it will all come in time.

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