October 31, 2009

Much to tell...

Wow, I didn't realize that it's been almost two weeks since I wrote anything. Nothing much has changed. Princess has good days and bad. The last few days have been pretty good. She's been giving me a lot of attention with hugs, kisses and smiles. She's been using one of the magnet picture I put on the refrigerator. She wanted to play with the piano the other day and I told her she had to ask. So I showed her the music magnet. After that she would bring me the magnet a couple times a day to play on the piano. DH told me today that he bets she could be taught how to play. At first she just hit the keys with either her fingers or her arms but after I told her she had to use her fingers, that's all she did. Some other good things lately is she went to the potty at least three times yesterday without being asked and her and Little Prince have been watching movies and playing together nicely.

I peeked into his room one afternoon to see what they were doing. They were sitting in one bean bag together watching a movie. It was so cute. Then last evening I heard them giggling in her room and I went to check on them. He was laying on the floor and she was sitting on him. Usually it's the other way around. They wrestle together but usually he is the one that pulls her down and sits on her. She is definitely acting more like an older sister should. Little Prince gave her a kiss and a hug at bedtime and she smiled. In the past, she just layed there.

Little Prince has started this thing with not wanting to wear a diaper but he's not good enough about using the potty to wear big boy underware. It was so funny..a few days ago he said he had to go potty so we ran into the bathroom and I pulled down his pjs and took his dry diaper off to sit him up on the potty (chair on top). I told him to stay there until I came back. I was gone less than a minute when he met me in the hall with his pjs up. I asked him if he had a diaper on (like I didn't know the answer??). He said "No" and tore off toward the livingroom. He's fast and hard to catch. I picked him up and said "oh no you don't, you have to have a diaper on until you start telling me you have to go potty". I short time later he did the same thing! He so funny me makes us laugh a lot. He also amazes us about how much he remembers and the things he says.

Yesterday he was laying on the couch with me (I was unusually tired...other story), and he looked up at me, before he gave me a kiss, and said "I'm so happy". I thought that was amazing for a two year old to say. I just didn't expect it.

Wednesday I took both the kids to the zoo for treat or treat. We went with my friend, her husband and their little boy. We all had fun. Little Prince was a lion and Princess was a pumpkin. I wanted her to be a lamb or Dorothy but I couldn't find a costume. I was glad she wasn't Dorothy by the time we left the zoo. There were a lot of Dorothy's. The zoo was set up really neat. They had different areas set up with different themes. First there was Shreck and Theona. I don't remember the rest of the order but I got a picture of our little lion with some of the Wizard of Oz characters. I took lots of pictures to keep for the kids and to show DH since he was home sick. Little Prince wasn't scared of anyone. He would run right up to the characters with his bag open. He even walked right up to the Davey Jones Locker dude and he was kind of scary. The only thing that was kind of disappointing was they didn't get much candy. We thought that every character should have been giving out something but it was only about 10 booths that had anything. I don't think the kids cared, they don't usually get very much candy anyway and Princess doesn't get anything but an occasional sucker.

Princess is doing real good on the GFCF diet. I have gotten used to make my own bread and having home made pancakes in the freezer. One thing that we are concerned about is her elevated lead level. They had there first doctor check up a few days ago. The doctor was really nice and examined them thoroughly and also ran a CBC (blood test). They told me I could wait for the results but Princess was upset from the exam so we left. The nurse told me she would call only if they found something unusual. She called the house before I even got home. DH told me they found an elevated lead level. That 3.0 and under was perfect but Princess' level was 7.0. She also said they don't do anything until it's a 10. Does that make sense? Should we try to detox her ourselves or have her tested later? What if it's effecting her learning?

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