October 31, 2009

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Much to tell...

Wow, I didn't realize that it's been almost two weeks since I wrote anything. Nothing much has changed. Princess has good days and bad. The last few days have been pretty good. She's been giving me a lot of attention with hugs, kisses and smiles. She's been using one of the magnet picture I put on the refrigerator. She wanted to play with the piano the other day and I told her she had to ask. So I showed her the music magnet. After that she would bring me the magnet a couple times a day to play on the piano. DH told me today that he bets she could be taught how to play. At first she just hit the keys with either her fingers or her arms but after I told her she had to use her fingers, that's all she did. Some other good things lately is she went to the potty at least three times yesterday without being asked and her and Little Prince have been watching movies and playing together nicely.

I peeked into his room one afternoon to see what they were doing. They were sitting in one bean bag together watching a movie. It was so cute. Then last evening I heard them giggling in her room and I went to check on them. He was laying on the floor and she was sitting on him. Usually it's the other way around. They wrestle together but usually he is the one that pulls her down and sits on her. She is definitely acting more like an older sister should. Little Prince gave her a kiss and a hug at bedtime and she smiled. In the past, she just layed there.

Little Prince has started this thing with not wanting to wear a diaper but he's not good enough about using the potty to wear big boy underware. It was so funny..a few days ago he said he had to go potty so we ran into the bathroom and I pulled down his pjs and took his dry diaper off to sit him up on the potty (chair on top). I told him to stay there until I came back. I was gone less than a minute when he met me in the hall with his pjs up. I asked him if he had a diaper on (like I didn't know the answer??). He said "No" and tore off toward the livingroom. He's fast and hard to catch. I picked him up and said "oh no you don't, you have to have a diaper on until you start telling me you have to go potty". I short time later he did the same thing! He so funny me makes us laugh a lot. He also amazes us about how much he remembers and the things he says.

Yesterday he was laying on the couch with me (I was unusually tired...other story), and he looked up at me, before he gave me a kiss, and said "I'm so happy". I thought that was amazing for a two year old to say. I just didn't expect it.

Wednesday I took both the kids to the zoo for treat or treat. We went with my friend, her husband and their little boy. We all had fun. Little Prince was a lion and Princess was a pumpkin. I wanted her to be a lamb or Dorothy but I couldn't find a costume. I was glad she wasn't Dorothy by the time we left the zoo. There were a lot of Dorothy's. The zoo was set up really neat. They had different areas set up with different themes. First there was Shreck and Theona. I don't remember the rest of the order but I got a picture of our little lion with some of the Wizard of Oz characters. I took lots of pictures to keep for the kids and to show DH since he was home sick. Little Prince wasn't scared of anyone. He would run right up to the characters with his bag open. He even walked right up to the Davey Jones Locker dude and he was kind of scary. The only thing that was kind of disappointing was they didn't get much candy. We thought that every character should have been giving out something but it was only about 10 booths that had anything. I don't think the kids cared, they don't usually get very much candy anyway and Princess doesn't get anything but an occasional sucker.

Princess is doing real good on the GFCF diet. I have gotten used to make my own bread and having home made pancakes in the freezer. One thing that we are concerned about is her elevated lead level. They had there first doctor check up a few days ago. The doctor was really nice and examined them thoroughly and also ran a CBC (blood test). They told me I could wait for the results but Princess was upset from the exam so we left. The nurse told me she would call only if they found something unusual. She called the house before I even got home. DH told me they found an elevated lead level. That 3.0 and under was perfect but Princess' level was 7.0. She also said they don't do anything until it's a 10. Does that make sense? Should we try to detox her ourselves or have her tested later? What if it's effecting her learning?

October 18, 2009

Let's keep it going

Princess has had three good days in a roll. She's even been giving me hugs and kisses. She's gone to the potty on her own several times. She still gets frustrated when we don't know what she wants. I either never noticed or she just started to forget her signs. She won't tell you what she wants whether it's a cookie or a drink. We are really starting to work on this since it can be very frustrating for both her and us. I made up some little picture squares to go along with the ones her teacher sent home. I then glued them to magnets to stick on the side of the frig. I'm going to start working with her tomorrow. I'm hoping she will point or even bring us a magnet when she wants something. I'm only starting with about a dozen basic needs. I will only work on a few at a time.

Something else we've been working on is Little Prince's potty training. I can't seem to get him to go the potty before goes in his diaper. When I do ask him if he has to go potty, he cries and says he's fine. Even when I try to change his diaper, he makes a fuss. He has never got in trouble for messing in his diaper so I don't understand what's changed. Tonight right before dinner, I asked him if he wanted his big boy pants on. I hung a pair above the toilet a couple days ago to remind him that they were there. He didn't want them on at first and kept saying "diaper" but finally I talked him into it. I thought it would be a good idea to have him go in the potty first but that didn't help. Half way through dinner he told me he was wet. We went into the bathroom and he tried to go in the potty and I put a clean/dry pair of underwear on him. After he had eaten all his dinner, no more than 30 minutes later, he told me he was wet. I admit, I got upset. How could he pee his pants again when he just went and didn't have anything to drink with dinner? This time I put a diaper on him and proceed to clean up the mess. He didn't just pee a little bit but a big puddle on the chair. I even had to wash the padding on his booster/high chair. I wonder if he just doesn't want to be considered a "big boy". Sometimes I think he wants to stay a baby. Maybe he's just not ready for potty training. We are going to continue to ask him to try to go in the toilet and maybe soon he will do it himself.

October 15, 2009

She's back?

Princess is having a great day today. She woke up when she wanted to and was in a good mood. She received something to drink and then went potty when she was asked. Then she was asked to get some socks from her room she left to get them. After a little while, DH went to check on her. She was sitting on the floor of her room, with her back to the door, putting on her socks. She already had a pair of shorts on (they were sitting on her vanity). DH went to her dresser, without her noticing, and got out a t-shirt and walked out. A little later Princess came out with the t-shirt on and her shoes on..the right feet no less!!

When I got home, Little Prince was engross in a TV show and didn't even notice I was home. It gave me a chance to change my clothes and give Princess some loves. She was full of smiles. I picked her up and she rubbed her cheek on my cheek. It was so sweet. She was laughing and hugging. I love it when she's like that. Little Prince noticed me during a commercial. I found out he had been watching Jurassic Park. Well anyway, I guess Princess is "back" or was she just having a good day.

She is still on the Amoxicillin so we were expecting she would be regressed until at least early next week but maybe, just maybe it wasn't the Amoxicillin. Maybe it was either the Motrin, fever, or did the daycare give her something again while she was there last Sunday?

The kids had to go to daycare for six hours Sunday morning. We really tried to work it out so they wouldn't have to go but DH needed some sleep and I had to work. Anyway, the daycare lady didn't seem as friendly as usual. Maybe she was just tired. Two of her own kids have been sick and she told me that she had spent the last few days on the couch. I guess we won't know exactly what caused the regression until maybe Princess gets sick again.

October 14, 2009

FRUSTRATION is the word of the day.

First; Princess has regressed back again. We are thinking it's because of the Amoxicillin or I guess it could be the Motrin. We really don't know what caused it, but it's not good. She sometimes looks at us like she doesn't even know us. She has forgot signs until we reminder her by asking what she wants and trying to guess. She's throwing fits and wakes up grouchy.

This morning I woke up to Little Prince giving me a kiss to wake me up. What a wonderful way to wake up. Princess was another story. We tried to wake her up slowly by turning on the hallway light, which shines into her room but not on her bed. She seemed to be waking up nicely until she actually got up. All she did was cry. I thought maybe she had to go potty but she cried the whole time she was on the potty and still didn't pee. We thought maybe she was thirsty..no, maybe hungry...no. In fact, she cried all the way through breakfast - sucking the syrup off her GFCF pancakes. Finally we had to head out the door for our long ride to their parental visit. Both of them were good almost the whole way.

Little Prince fell asleep until we got off the exit. For the first time ever, when he asked me if we were going to the store, I told him we were going to see his mommy. I shouldn't have done that. We got to the facility, that supervises the visits, and were told that last week was the last visit (second frustration). I called the kids case worker to find out what was going on. By this time I was steaming. Little Prince was crying and saying he wanted to see "mommy". I told him he could go home with me and see "daddy". He said "no". I shouldn't let a 2 year old hurt my feelings but it did. I got him into his car seat and he gave me a big hug.

Anyway, I called the case worker. I had already talked to her last week about this and was told the court was not taking way visitation or counseling. She confirmed the same thing she had told me last week which was totally different than the person that supervises the visits said. So as it stands right now, there are no more visits until we hear differently, either from the case worker or the foster agency.

By the time we got home, Little Prince was full of all kinds of kisses and Princess was ready to go to school. Everything worked out fine. The kids were exhausted by the end of the day and both of them went to bed right after their showers. I just hope their not up in the middle of the night.

The moral of this blog entry is for new foster parents. Confirm visits and if there is conflicting information, let the foster agency figure it out.

October 9, 2009

Sick again

Princess gave us quite a scare this morning. It actually started last night. She fell asleep on the couch around 6pm (before I got home). Around eight, DH carried her to bed. I really didn't think she would sleep all night. Before we went to bed about eleven, we checked on her. She seemed to be fine. She slept through dinner and we hadn't changed her into her PJ's. When DH and I went to bed, I made him a deal...if he got up with her in the middle of the night, I would let him sleep in this morning. She never woke up.

Little Prince came in our room at about 7:30 this morning and wanted his car we had to take away last night (different story). I got him something to drink and turned a movie on for him until I could fix breakfast. DH got up shortly after that and I told him we should check on Princess. She usually wakes right up or is already awake and hops out of bed to greet us..not this morning. She didn't want to stay awake and she certainly didn't want to get out of bed. I felt her for a fever but she didn't feel like she had one. Then I remembered what DH told me yesterday, she was flushed before she fell asleep and didn't want to eat a snack. Later she ate a little breakfast and I gave her a shower. She then fall asleep for over an hour in front of the TV (doesn't usually nap). We were hoping she wasn't getting sick.

Then in the afternoon, DH made a comment that I was probably going to end up in the ER later. Sure enough. Before he had to leave for work, we decided I had better take her to the emergency clinic up the street. Before we did that, we took her temperature it read 99.6, which I didn't think was right. She felt quite hot. When I got in to see the nurses, they took her temperature and it read 103.4!! They put a Tylenol suppository in while they were at it. She doesn't like anyone (including myself) touching any where down "there". They also swabbed her nose for the flu test. She began to calm down and stop crying then they came back to tell me the doctor wanted her tested for strep. We had to hold her down again and they swabbed her throat. Keep in mind, she doesn't like any of this and we had to wrap her in her blanket to restrain her. She was not happy! Well, both tests came back negative. The doctor looked in her ears (restrained again) and said the right ear looked a little red. The only thing he could find was maybe an ear infection and that's what she's being treated for. I have my doubts..I still think it's the flu. Many people have been sick for days before they test positive for the H1N1 and I think it might be the same for her. There are several people I know who have it. Two of the people I work with and one of thems whole family (two year old and 6 month old, along with hubby). I just hope she doesn't get worse. Scary stuff.

October 8, 2009

Feeling like a kid again

Princess seems to be saying bigger words. After DH gave Little Prince a cookie yesterday he said "yummy", then Princess took a bite and said "yummy"! She also said "bubble" while we were playing the blowing bubbles game.

The other day, I showed her how to stand on her head. I asked her to put her head down and put her arms out to the side. At first she had one hand right but the other one, she had the back of her hand against the floor, we fixed that. She couldn't balance very good but she got the idea. Then I remember when I was little I used to stand on my head against the wall. So I got her to do it against the wall, while I held her feet. We only did it a couple times and I figured I would try it at a later date. A couple days later, DH got my attention and told me to look in her room, she was trying to stand on her head against the crib! She was really trying. I was impressed, she remembered. More and more she seems to be getting better.

Little Prince is doing good with his ABC's. We sing the song every time were in the car and several times through out the day. When we get to the end we say "now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with ME". He always says "ME" really loud and then we go back and forth with each of us saying me. It's so funny. He misses a couple letters when he does it on his own but we've only been working on it a couple weeks. He also will tell you his name now. Before, when you asked him his name, he would say his sisters name. He's a smart little dude. He surprises me everyday.

Yesterday, DH was vacuuming the living room and Little Prince grabbed his bean bag and put it on the couch to get it out of the way, then went back for Princess' bean bag and moved it to the couch. I think that's pretty smart for a 2 year old. Oh, I don't think I told this before but he knows his right hand, leg, arm from his left! We ask him every once in a while where his right hand is but last night he ran into the wall with his arm. DH asked him if it was his right or left arm and he answered "left" and when showed him where it hurt.

We are going to start working more with both of them on their ABC's, numbers and colors.

October 6, 2009

Improvement coming, daycare going

For the most part, Princess is back on track. It took a couple days to get her back where she was...a couple of long days. Now we are working with her "telling" us what she wants. She knows a little sign language but doesn't really tell you what she wants. If she needs something, she usually starts fussing or gets mad. We gave her GFCF pancakes and a fried egg the last few mornings for breakfast. We taught her the sign for pancake this morning. She has also learned the sign for sandwich within the last few days. Anyway, a couple hours after breakfast, she started to fuss and I asked her what she wanted. She gave me the sign for pancake!! I was so surprised that she remembered. She doesn't sign it perfect but she got the point across. She also signed the sign for sandwich at lunch time. I asked her if she wanted PB&J for lunch and showed her the sandwich sign and she did it right away. That's definitely better than a couple days ago. She couldn't even maintain eye contact. She is back to being able to watch TV through a half hour show. We can only hope for continued improvements.

Improvements should continue with the right diet. I made GFCF white bread in the bread machine. It turned out really good. My next thing to make is GFCF pancakes from scratch. We will be able to control her diet better with the school giving her one of the snacks we send and the rest of her meals coming from us. She will know longer be going to daycare after this weekend.

DH and I will work out our work schedules to make sure we don't need daycare. DH works nights and I work days (3 days/wk). On the days I work he will go to work late and leave early. He works for a really good company that lets him use his FMLA that way.

Little Prince is doing good. We are working on using the potty. We are still having a problem with him pooping in the potty but he did it yesterday for the first time. We showed him how happy and proud we were of him. But today we weren't so lucky..twice. He pees in the potty if you remind him so hopefully it will all come in time.

October 3, 2009

What the #$%!!

Princess has regressed! The other day, when I picked her up from day care, the daycare owner told me what she gave Princess for lunch...she gave her chicken nuggets! I don't know if that was what made her regress or if it happened more resently. I have a feeling that she was given the wrong food yesterday. I don't really trust the lady from yesterday. I have a feeling she doesn't really care what she feeds Princess as long as it's easy. Little Prince told me they had hot dogs. So did she feed Princess hot dogs with the buns. Anyway, Princess is back to flapping her arms, spinning, babbling..the whole 9 yards. She even cries when I try to get her to go in the potty. We are keeping them home until Friday, both DH and I have to work. I have to work next weekend but that will be the last time they go to daycare.

DH and I have decided it would be for the best if Princess and Little Prince don't go to daycare anymore. We will just have to work our schedules out so one of us will be home with them. It will also save us about $1000 a month and we will be able to control her food better. Plus, the owner said we should call her if we ever need daycare for a day. I think Little Prince will miss it at first but will get used to it (kind of like his bio-mom).

They had another parental visit this week. Little Prince walked right by mom again to play with the puzzles. Then walked by her again to go to the area they visit in (supervised). Princess wouldn't give her a kiss, at the end of the visit, when asked. I'm not sure, but I think that was their last visit.

Little Prince's parents are thinking about voluntarily giving up parental rights. They have until next month to decide and if they don't, the court hearings will begin. I think if the mom gives up Little Prince, she will give up Princess too. They know we love them and they love us and we can give them a good home. I'm really hoping it happens soon so we can exhale.