May 2, 2009

Waiting for placement.

We're done! The home inspection went great. Linda only had us change a few things like; move the fire extinguisher from the pantry to hanging it on the wall in the kitchen and moving a few items away from the furnace (31" from furnace). Then Linda took pictures of the bedroom (mostly the beds) and a picture of us for her file. She also took pictures of the front and back of the house. We looked over the Home Study (bio). Linda told us we could take our time to look it over but she did such a good job with it, we signed it.

DH and I were able to get everything done, plus some, before she got there. DH had ordered locks, for the sliding door, online. It only took him maybe 15 minutes to install it. It's like a dead bolt that goes into the frame of the door then locks with a key. I was able to clear out the closet and get all the latches on the kitchen drawers and cabinet doors that I thought might have dangerous stuff in them. I latched the cabinet under the sink because of the dish soups and I latched the knife drawers, the silverware drawer (forks) and the junk drawer. We tested all the smoke alarms, which worked fine. I knew they worked because sometimes I set one off when I cook. lol That morning DH & I did some cleaning that I didn't really think we needed to do. DH dusted and vacuumed while I folded clothes and put them away. I really don't think that Linda would be been concerned if there was dust on some nicknack's.

Hopefully the next time I post, we will have a placement. We may start with something called respit. It's basically caring for foster children while the foster parents take a break or vacation that the kids can't go along. Some foster parents only do respit. We are thinking it may be a good temporary thing to do to get use to having an older child in the house. Linda talked about a temporary placement of a teenage boy. She said he's a real good kid but needs a temporary home because the foster parents are having personal problems. That's all I can say about the situation.

So the bottom line is, we will be eligible for a placement early next week (maybe Monday) but we won't actually be licensed until the state finishes the paperwork. If a placement comes up, Linda will call the state to hurry things along.

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