May 19, 2009


DH and I were talking just yesterday that it's taking forever to get a call. Then it happened. The agency called with a possible respite placement. Two girls for 4 days. We should hear from the agency again today after the therapist finds out details. I think she just called yesterday to make sure we would want to do it. This will be a good way to get experience.

FYI; Respite is when you take care of foster children for a foster family. Kind of like babysitting for a day or several days.

We also made a visit to our local CPS office to find out who would fill out and sign our FMLA paperwork. For those of you who are unfamiliar with FMLA (family medical leave act), it's a federal act that protects your job if you have to take any time off work for medical or personal reasons. There are several reasons you can qualify for FMLA, usually it's for a medical reason like maturity leave or to take care of a sick dependent. DH and I haven't received the FMLA yet. I found out we can qualify for it through a federal website when we started the foster care training. According to the site, we could have used it for our training but either one of us wanted to take advantage of the system. I just hope the website is correct. Oh, needless-to-say, CPS was no help with FMLA. They had actually never heard of it being used for fostercare.

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  1. I used FMLA when I did emergency respite care for medically fragile infants. I actually contacted my HRD at my job and they had me apply with our executive assistanct when needed. Although, I would suggest using a PLP (personal leave day) instead of tapping into FMLA for respite care situations unless you take in a child and want to take a longer maternaty leave.