May 30, 2009

Lesson Learned

I learned that you have to ask questions and not just assume. I washed the girls dirty clothes while they were at school yesterday. I only found one pair of underwear for the one girls. Does that mean she's been taking a shower and putting on the same underwear or did she forget extra underwear, or worse than that; has she been going without underwear??? Well, I was able to rule out one of the possibilities. I looked in her case and found several pairs of clean, folded underwear. I knew I had to handle this with kid gloves. After dinner I told her how important it was to keep yourself clean and change underclothes everyday. I also told her I only washed one pair of her underwear. She told me that she had changed everyday and that she had put the dirty ones in her case. I could not very well tell her that I had looked in her case but hopefully she understood about keeping herself clean. Now I kind of wonder if she has been actually taking a shower or just letting the water run.

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