May 29, 2009

Long day, long night

After the long day yesterday the girls were beat. The oldest actually fell asleep in front of the TV way too early. I woke her up but she had a hard time staying awake. Both of them went to bed around 9:30 which is about a half hour past their bedtime. Of course at about 1:30am I saw a light on (from my room) in the living room. The oldest was laying on the couch and her sister was getting a throw to cover up with. The youngest went back to bed and I let the her sister lay on the couch with the lights down low and no TV. I knew she would fall back to sleep. Well, at 4am I woke to a bright light, from a flashlight, shining in my eyes. It was the little one telling me she could not sleep. I ended up waking up her sister off the couch and sending them both back to bed and crawling back to bed myself. At least I did not have to work that morning.

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