May 23, 2009

Meet the mama

We just met with the foster mother of the two girls we will be taking care of (respite). It went great! The girls are real nice and mama is real nice too. She has been doing foster care for many years and has a lot of information. The girls are sisters that have been in the system for quite awhile. They both have ADD and take medicine for it twice a day. They are on a strict schedule after school which I'm sure helps them stay organized. Mama has given me their schedule and all the information we should need to be successful. I will be able to call her if something goes bad but I don't foresee any problems as long as we stay on schedule. I don't have to work for the four days they're here so I will be available if something happens at school. Mama said sometimes one of them will act out in school and she will get a call but I'm hoping the girls will be on their best behavior. Our furry kids met them at the door and gave them lots of doggy kisses. In fact, DH had to put them (the dogs) in the other room so we could talk. Anyway, I have to pick the girls up at the daycare they go to after school. From what I understand the State pays for the daycare because they are foster children but they have to attend the daycare for a certain number of hours per week. They also receive free lunches through the State. I'm going to have to check into how that works just in case we get a school age child.

I'm feeling a little nervous but excited at the same time.

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