May 30, 2009

Empty Net

It was the last day with the girls. DH had them all day by himself. They slept in until about 8am. DH made them a nice breakfast of pancakes and eggs. They all watched a little TV together and later the girls played out on the front walk with sidewalk chalk. They made nice pictures of rainbows and other drawings. DH said they were pretty good girls for him. Mid-afternoon he had to take them for a two hour, supervised visit with their mother. He just dropped them off and went back two hours later to pick them up. Since mom brought them lunch, DH didn't have to fix them anything until dinner. He fed them an early dinner of hot dogs and chips. I'm sure foster mama will feed them a snack later. He also gave them an old digital camera that still took pretty good pictures. He told me the little one was taking all kinds of pictures of our furry kids. I didn't think I would make it home from work in time to see them before foster mama picked them up, but I did. I fact, I made it home about a half hour before she got here. Anyway, by the time I got home the camera was broken. DH told me the pictures were coming out all blurry and that he saw the big sister force the telephoto in. I think between that and the little one telling me they dropped it a couple times - it's broke. I'm going to retrieve the pictures that they took and print out copies for them. We spoke with foster mama for a few minutes after the girls were in her vehicle. We told her how good the girls were and that they are welcome to come back again. I also told her how the visit with their dad screwed up that night and the next day for them. It was only because of them getting their medicine late. I didn't tell her about the underwear issue. I figure she didn't need to deal with that unless it happens again. One thing that was kind of weird, after foster mama was walking to her vehicle I walked inside and counted the money she paid us. It was a hundred dollars short. DH hadn't counted it when she handed it to him. I felt weird about it, but I went back outside and asked her about it. She said she was sorry and gave me a hundred dollar money order to make up for it. Was it a mistake?

I looking forward to our next placement. I'm sure it will be respite but I hope it goes just as well. The agency wants to place a teenage girl with us next month but we've already planned on saying "no" to that placement.


  1. Was the money order already made out? Sounds kinda shady. Glad you asked though...You should not get cheated.

  2. No, it was blank. I kind of think it might have been "shady". I'm glad I counted before she left.