June 12, 2009

Double the fun

We are doing respite again. I'm so excited. I've had a hard time getting to sleep for the past two nights. We are taking care of twin toddlers for about 5 days. I was hoping I didn't have to work today but here I am. I haven't met the girls yet, DH has them until I get home this evening. He's real nervous. He's so cute, he called me early this morning from the store to tell me he was buying juice and diapers. He also bought a couple booster chairs (we don't have highchairs). Anyway, after they arrived, he called me to tell me that the girls are scared of the dogs. He said they are fine as long as they are sitting on his lap but as soon as they get down and the dogs come around, they start crying. I told him they will probably get used to them (I hope), but to call me if he has any problems. Not that I can leave work or anything but I can try to give moral support...lol. I can't wait 'til this evening. Right after work I have to get them dinner asap and give them a bath. Soon after that will be bedtime. I'm looking forward to reading them a bedtime story and tucking them in. I will try to write more in the next few days but I have a feeling I will have my hands full!

If we hadn't said "no" to the teenager, we wouldn't have gotten the twins. I spoke to the foster mom who the teenager is with. She told me it turned out that she knows the girl and her home is a better fit. I was glad to hear that they found a temp. home for her.

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