September 11, 2009

Testing the water?

I'm not sure if Princess and Little Prince are acting like any other kids their age or if they are testing us. According to our classes, we had to take, foster children will test you and they certainly are. I don't know if the kids have picked up the acting out thing at daycare or if we just treat them differently than their past foster home.

I know we probably made the mistake of giving Little Prince attention when he was crying but we are trying not to do that anymore. We started noticing that every time he doesn't get his way, he cries (without tears). We have tried everything to keep Princess from jumping on her bed but nothing is working so far. We even bought her a little trampoline with a handle bar on it and she still jumped on her bed. DH ordered the trampoline from someone on eBay. It arrived yesterday afternoon, so he put it together right after he picked them up from daycare. Princess jumped on it for about 10 minutes or more. I also had her jump on it right after I put her PJ's on. Then it was time for bed. I put her to bed and snuggled her brother. I no sooner sat down with Little Prince when I noticed her bedroom light on and heard her breathing (I can tell when she's jumping). I put LP down and went in to tell her to lay down and go to sleep. Probably about 10 minutes later the same thing happened again. This time I "escorted" her to the living room to jump on her trampoline and tell her she can only jump on it and not her bed. I let her jump until she stopped (about 2 minutes.), then back to bed. Soon after I was sitting back down with LP in my lap, I heard her again. This time I didn't do anything. LP wanted to get in his own bed, so after I took him in I made a visit to Princesses room to find her playing on the floor. I made her get in her bed and told her to go to sleep. By the time I got Princess in bed, LP was crying for me to sit with him. By the time I got to bed I was upset, worn out and wanted to sleep. I guess was upset enough that I couldn't get to sleep and I woke up so many times through out the night I was very tired at 4:30 this morning.

Since DH has to leave for work before I get home tonight, I had to take the kids to daycare at 6:00 this morning. He usually takes them, but we only have two car seats right now. I will pick them up after I get off work. Both of the kids were pretty tired this morning, although I try not the wake them it's impossible not to. Little Prince woke up as soon as I moved him and the first thing he said was "eat". I told him it was too early to eat and he was going to be "playing all day" (that's something he says when he's been at daycare). I got him dressed and then woke Princess to try to go potty. I dressed her and then rushed out the door. I have to do the same thing tomorrow morning (boo)

I hope we can get this under control soon. DH told me last night that he doesn't know if he can do it anymore. (Earlier yesterday, DH told me that LP was giving him a hard time.) I think if it wasn't for Princess, I would be fine.

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