August 28, 2009

School Started

Princess started preschool yesterday. The teacher said she had a real good day. They went outside and blew bubbles and laughed a lot. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to sign her up. I met with her teacher a few days before to inform her about Princess' likes and dislikes and what they might expect from her. I had to provide them with shot records and a birth certificate (which I still need to get). Princess went with me so she could meet the teacher and then when it was time to leave, she didn't want to go. In fact, she threw a fit - stomping her feet and messing up some balls that were laying on a shelf. At least her fits don't last very long.

Our little prince is in daycare while his sister is in school. He likes it there and he gives all my kisses away to all the nice ladies there. Princess is in the same daycare while I'm at work, she feels comfortable there. In fact, she has said a few words that she hasn't said at home. The ladies at the DC are letting us know what she's saying so we can try to get her to say them again.

The parental visit got messed up again. This time I think it was the counties fault. Someone dropped the ball and no one picked it up! No visit today.

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