September 19, 2009


We started Princess on a Gluten-free/Casein-free diet yesterday. We went to Whole Foods to get her gluten free snacks. We bought pretzels, cookies and cereal. I sent some to school and some to daycare. The daycare will make sure she doesn't get anything with gluten or dairy. We also bought some soy milk and rice milk. We are going to try to figure out which one she likes best.

I gave her some soy milk on her cereal yesterday for breakfast. She seemed to like it, but when I picked her up last night from daycare they told me she had two accidents. The DC lady asked if we had started the soy milk. I guess that's what did it. So far she likes everything we're feeding her. Although, we received a note from her teacher yesterday; "we gave ____ pretzels for her snack and she very politely placed the pretzel back into the bag, closed the bag and pushed it aside". We gave her a few pretzels last night before dinner and she seemed to like the pretzel sticks better than the pretzel twists. I also gave her about 3 oz of soy milk along with a half Lemon-Ginger cookie (gluten free) after she ate all her dinner. She liked it. (so did Little Prince).

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  1. I had a little one a few years ago that we determined was allergic to cow's milk, so I tried soy and rice milk. He had diarrhea for about 2 weeks, but then he was good. His behavior changed for the better, he was happier and I think that all along the reason he was such a difficult baby to take care of for his young birthmother was because of the milk allergy. Good luck with the GFCF diet.