June 21, 2009

The house is quite

Foster mom called to ask if she could pick the girls up early. They were suppose to be picked up the next morning but instead the family got back from vacation early. I told her if it would save her a trip into town, that it would be OK to pick them up that evening.

Since I knew she was coming right before the girls would usually go to bed, I gave them their bath early and dressed them in their PJs. DH and I played with them until foster mom showed up. Cuddly discovered she could bounce on DHs lap while he held her hands. I took some great pictures for our album. Then Curly wanted to bounce but didn't seem to have as much fun.

I was surprised that the girls didn't want to go to foster mom when she arrived. Cuddly actually wanted to get up into my lap and Curly wasn't sure of the situation either. After a little while, FM was able to get a hug out of each one of them. We helped them to the car, all the while Cuddly cried. She stopped crying after FM got her strapped in her seat. We stayed by the car talking to FM for a little while. By the time she drove away the girls were fine.

DH made the comment of how quite the house was after they left. It didn't take long before we got use to the silence. I was glad, by the next morning, she had picked them up early. I had to get up early for work and it would have been harder for DH to get them ready to leave. I don't think we really miss them. They just weren't there long enough and we knew they were only going to be with us for a short amount of time.

Regarding the pictures; we can take pictures for our own use but can't show them to anyone. I would love to post some but I'm not allow.

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