June 12, 2009

Two but smaller

The twins are adorable. I sure would like to have childern like them but I know the main goal is to get them back home. The first evening was busy but not too bad. DH was really tired by the time I got home. He had worked the night before and hadn't slept. As soon as I got home we ate dinner. DH had ordered Dominos for all of us. Mac & Cheese with breadsticks for the little ones. I had a pasta bowl which the twins thought looked better than what they had. I shared a little bit but was afraid that the spiciness would give them a tummy ache. After dinner, I gave them a bath which went really well. They splashed to their hearts content. Then we put PJs on and snuggled in the chair. Soon they were ready for bed. Well, their little bodies were but they weren't. "Cuddly" cried when I meantioned bed but she stopped before too long. Both her and "Curly" kept looking to see if I was still sitting in the chair across the room. DH told me they did the same thing when he put them down for their nap. He's such a softy, he bought them some toys before they arrived. One of the toys, they both love, is a glow seahorse. It lights up and plays music everytime they push the tummy. That's how I knew they were asleep, they stopped pushing the tummy.

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