June 25, 2009


We are able to get a few hours of training the other night. We met some other foster parents along with Linda at the local library. Anyone who had kids in their house at the time, was allowed to bring them along. Two families brought their foster children. A few kids were up for adoption but they were older than I would prefer.

We watched a movie and then discussed it with each other. The kids were in on the discussion also. It was sad to hear about how they felt. One of the kids said they felt abandoned by their parents. It's sad. DH whispered to me that we could take them, but I didn't say a word. I think he got the idea that I didn't feel the same way. Plus, we received our actual license and it states we are approved for two children and the kids are a family of three. I just don't want to start out with teenagers.

Linda told us the first two girls, that we had for respite, might need respite again at the end of summer. But she also told us that some of the people in the agency are saving us for a placement. I'm sure the right placement will come along soon.

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