June 18, 2009

The time wasn't long enough

We had a lot of fun with the girls. I wish we had them longer but being a respite situation, we knew when they were going back to their foster family.

Most everyday went the same way. We tried to stay in a routine. When they woke up in the morning, which seemed to be earlier every day, we started by changing diapers. I would go in to their room when I heard the glowing seahorse music. I asked them "who would like their diaper changed?". It was always Curly who would want to be changed first. Cuddly was a little slower to wake up. Then we would get something to drink and snuggle in my chair and watch a little cartoons. After about a half hour, we would have breakfast of mini-mini wheats with milk and a sippy cup of milk. They were good eaters. They always wanted more after they finished what I had given them. In fact, they finished a whole small box of mini-mini wheats in four days! After breakfast they would decide what they wanted to wear. I would give them a choice of two outfits but they always wore matching cloths. Then we would play until it was time for a nap. They liked to color and play with the doll house. They also like to push this little grocery cart around with pretend food in it.

One of them always cried when it was time for their nap. Actually, you couldn't say "nap" or "bed" without Cuddly pouting or flat out crying but she was usually the first one asleep. After they got up from their nap, I would change diapers again then they would have a snack of either gummy bears, goldfish, or animal crackers. One afternoon I tried to get them to eat an Orange. Both of them said they didn't like it but either of them would try it. So I tore it all apart and Cuddly finally ate some of it. Curly tried a little bitty bit.

We had very little problems and a whole lot of fun. Lunch consisted of either jr. lunchables or mac-n-cheese. At first they didn't want the mac-n-cheese but then I ate it and told them it was really good and I would pretend it was fantastic. That got them to try it and even finish what I had given them. A couple days later I fixed it again but added chicken. They liked that too. Actually Cuddly liked the chicken more and Curly like the mac-n-cheese more. Curly actually finished her sisters mac-n-cheese. For dinner they pretty much ate what we ate. Both of them loved chicken and green beans.

After the first night they would ask me, a few times through out the day, if they could take a bath. I would always tell them they would have to wait until later. Bath time was about an hour before bed. They like the bubble bath I would add to the water. They cleaned themselves with their own wash clothes and toddler bedtime soap. I would wash their hair about every other day since they really didn't get dirty. I thought it was interesting that Curly would wash her sister. She started that about the second or third night. At first she just wanted to wash Cuddly's feet but then it was her bottom and private parts. I didn't want to make a big deal about it but I've wondered if I should say something to the case worker.

Bedtime went about the same as nap time. Sometimes with a little crying and sometimes with a lot of crying. I didn't discover that Curly wanted to sleep in her own bed, instead of with her sister, until the last night. She kept crying, so I asked her if she wanted to sleep in the little bed, thinking that she would say "no" but, to my surprise, she asked if she could take her pillow with her. I moved her to the toddler bed and she was asleep in minutes. We did the same thing for her nap the next day.

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