December 31, 2008

Questions...oh the questions

I picked up the packet from the foster agency yesterday. I didn't open it until last night. Good thing I picked it up instead of waiting for Linda to mail it. There are about 15 pages of questions concerning our parents, siblings and ourselves. We each have to fill out our own questions. There are also questions about our relationship and how we feel about discipline. I answered about half of the questions last night and I will probably finish them on Friday while I'm off. There is also a application that entails a lot of personal information (ie. bank accts, credit balances, bills, income, etc). I don't think DH wants to give that information but we really don't have a choice if we want to do it. I agree with DH - what does our income have to do with caring for a child. I understand they wouldn't want us living on the street but I think we should be able to give a range like over $50,000/yr or something like that. They also ask of we have life insurance and (I think) how much! DH is going to fill the application out because I told him he has better handwritting than I do. The only thing I think we will have a problem with is the medical form. We have to have our doctor fill it out and I don't know if we have to have an actual physical or if he will just fill it out from past information. I guess I should call our doctor's office and probably call Linda's office to see what the norm is.

I didn't get to pick up the table and chairs yesterday. In fact, she didn't even email me back until this morning. But she had a good excuse - she had received some very bad news. She wants me to meet her either Friday after 4pm downtown or at her house after 6pm. I think we will try to meet her Friday downtown so it's at a public place. DH doesn't feel good about me going by myself to a strangers house. I don't blame him, crazy people out there.

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