December 4, 2008

December 3, 2008

Well, yesterday I took some of the paperwork to Linda so she can get the reference forms sent out to the people we have chosen to be our references. I hope the people we have chosen will get the forms back soon. After Linda gets the references back, she will send out some more paperwork for us to fill out. I also gave her the varies copies of forms we had to collect (IE drivers license, SS cards, marriage license, divorce certificate, birth certificates). The only forms I was missing were the rabies vac. for the dogs. Then the next step is meeting with her for two hours. I think she said it will be like an interview. Actually we have to meet for two-two hour meetings in the near future. I also asked her what would be the best way for DH to get the first aide training. She said they will have a class in February to cover CPR and body fluid pathogens. I don't have to go through the training because I go through it working at the hospital. I just got my CPR card renewed and the fluid pathogen training is online and ongoing at the hospital so Linda said they have a form that I could just get it signed by someone at work. I can't stop thinking about having a child in our home! I hope we have a good experience. I'm really hoping for a 2 or 3 year old. Oh, one of my co-workers is going through the journey also. We talked about it a little the other day. Tom brought up the point that the agency him and his wife are going through, doesn't place violent children or fire starters. DH and I already agreed we didn't want a violent child but I had never thought about a fire starter. I added firestarter to our list of unacceptable. Linda said that was fine and that the agency will not even call us with a placement.

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