November 25, 2008

This is the first entry for me on this site. "If'" you are interested in the previous entries, go to . I moved from yahoo because I kept losing my postings. I wonder if I can transfer my yahoo blog entries to blogger? I would sure hate to loss them.
Nothing has happened in the last few days. DH filled out the form to request the divorce certificate from his first marriage. The Foster agency needs it. I have to fax it this evening after work. I may try to fax it from work but it's a long distance number so I would need approval. The only time I have reservation about becoming a foster parent is early in the morning when I don't want to get up for work. I'm wondering what it will be like it get up in the middle of the night for a crying child. Or how many times I will be late to work because the child wakes up while I'm getting ready. I guess I will just plan to get up a little earlier to allow for time.

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  1. I have transfered all entries that have to do with our fostercare journey from yahoo.