November 7, 2008

November 07, 2008

Up to this point I have only written about growing stuff (see past blogs) but I think I will start writing about our journey to become foster parents and what it entails. So far I have contacted a private agency and have received a packet (more like a pamphlet) of information. One of the first things we have to do is have a home visit. I tried to call our contact (we'll call her Linda) both yesterday and today but yesterday she was out of the office for training and I'm guessing it's the same today. I have a couple questions for her, like how much is reimbursable. I know daycare isn't but what about food and other everyday stuff. I have heard that some states pay a flat amount but it's hard to find out how much. We are not doing this for the money but we don't want to spend the money we have saved for retirement either. I have told her that we would prefer an under school age child of no particular race. We would prefer a single child but will be approved for up to three. Linda said they usually come "more than one". They don't split siblings up. I have checked out quite a few websites for information. A lot of people suggest we have items on hand. Like a bed, clothes, sippy cups, bottles, toys, car seat, etc. I got on Craig's list yesterday to look at what was available. I found a car seat and some other stuff. I even went to goodwill and found a baby bathtub. I did not buy anything. I think it's too early. I have read that this could be anywhere from a 4-6 week to a 6 month process. I guess it depends on how fast we complete the 20 hours of training and how quick the back ground checks and inspections go.

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