November 22, 2008

November 21, 2008

Somehow I lost my last entry. Wednesday (two days ago), Linda came over to the house and was here for about two hours. It didn't seem like that long. We talked about all kinds of things. DH & I learned a lot and asked a lot of questions. We told Linda that we only wanted one child to start with. We don't really care about the ethnic background or gender. The next step is to get references. I think we have picked our four. Now I just have to get the names and addresses to Linda. Then we have to collect a bunch of documents. I think we have everything except DH's divorce papers from "before my time". After Linda left, I had to drive over to pick up a toy box I bought on Craigs list. It's really cute. It has Noah on one end and his Ark on the other end. I got it for $12. A little girl was selling her toys to buy her hamster a new cage. Yesterday I found a new car seat on Craigs list selling for $120. Today I offered her $90, she took $95. I'm picking it up Sunday. I just hope I'm not getting too far ahead. DH asked me today "what if we don't go through with it, what are we going to do with the stuff". I told him we would just sell it or give it away! I don't forsee us not following through. We could have a child in our house by April. Oh, Linda told us that it probably won't be a real young child (infant). I'm guessing maybe 3 or 4 years. The car seat fits 5-100 pounds.

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