January 27, 2009

Are we Criminals? Not hardly!

It's been a little while since I have posted but nothing has really happened. It seems everything is going so slow. I'm the type of person that wants it here and now.

Late last week we had to get our fingerprints taken for the background check. I had to go to a website and fill out a form, then print the paper that contained a bar code (we each needed one). I had set up the appointment with a local business to do the fingerprinting. The location was pretty convenient, not far from the house. It was all digital which means it wasn't messy like the ink prints. It didn't take her long to do mine except my fingers were dry so she had to put lotion on them a couple times. DH didn't take very long either but he has part of a finger missing on one hand so the fingerprint looked funny - the machine excepted it anyway. We should get the results back today or tomorrow by email. After we get them back, I have to forward them to Linda so she can see a copy ASAP. They will give her the results directly but not for about two weeks.

I received some bad news last week - the CPR class is not scheduled until the end of April. I really thought we would be licensed at the end of March but it doesn't look like it. DH did get the shift he wanted at work so he might be able to take a class during the week. I'm going to call the Red Cross and/or the American Heart Assoc. I think both give CPR classes that also cover infectious diseases.

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