January 13, 2009

Almost a room, almost a child

I've tried to post this twice already, I'm going to try one more time.

Sunday, I worked on the room for several hours. We accumulated a lot of stuff. I took everything out of the room and had to find another place to put it. I took out everything but the bed, dresser and mirrored vanity. After I cleared most everything out, I was able to set up the crib. I thought there were directions, but the only directions I received with it was to convert it to either a daybed or a full size bed. I figured out everything but how to put the rail on to use as a crib. Right now it's a daybed to be used as a toddler bed. (I'll post a picture when the room looks better.)

I spoke with Linda yesterday to let her know I was able to schedule the training classes through the county. Initially, the agency didn't have their own scheduled so Linda wanted us to use the county. I had been trying to get the county training person to call me back starting last week but - no luck. I tried one more time yesterday morning and she answered her phone. To make a long story short, we are scheduled for training, starting the second week in March with the county. Since we are using the county training, we have to take an additional two hours through the agency to learn their info. Then when I spoke with Linda yesterday, she informed me they have a class starting the end of March. We decided the schedule the county has will work better. It's three Saturdays in a row so DH won't have to take any time off work. I will have to switch only one Saturday, but I will probably work a Sunday for someone in trade. Linda said we will probably be certified by the end of March!! - almost a child.

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