November 12, 2009

Too good?

We looked at a house today and have decided to move and sell our current house! It's a big decision but it's just too good to pass up. The house is almost twice as big as ours and has more than twice as many bedrooms and bathrooms. It will let us take in more foster children which is what we wanted to do but didn't have the room. I can't really write about the details but it is a real sweet deal.

The kids are doing real good. Princess is doing fine but we haven't heard her say anything for what seems like forever. Although, DH thought he heard her say "daddy" tonight but can't be sure. We started giving her sub lingual B12 everyday about two weeks ago. We haven't noticed any improvements but I figure it can take longer than two weeks. She does seems to be going into the bathroom more but still wets at least 2 to 3 pullups a day. She has also started throwing herself on the floor/ground more than she ever did. She doesn't really throw herself, more like drops herself. I think she expects us to hold her up and at first we were but not now. Both of us just lower her to the floor/ground and tell her to get up. Usually she gets right up. Today was kind of funny. I picked her up from school and she pulled the same thing. Well, she had her backpack on so when she went to the ground she looked like a turtle on it's back. She had to roll over and get on all fours to get back up! I didn't let her see me smile but it was pretty funny. When I told DH about it, he told me she did the same thing the other morning on the way to school.

Little Prince has been testing me like there's no tomorrow. He tells me "no" when I ask him to do something. He gets mad and throws stuff. He stomps his foot and yells. I was about in tears the other night. I know I shouldn't take it personal but he was really trying me. He doesn't do those things when DH is home, only when DH is at work. I know I just have to stand my ground and get past this time in his life. Linda, at the agency, told me to try "time in" instead of "time out". I started trying that today but didn't really get a chance to use it since both DH and I was off work. I love the little poop but boy he knows how to push my buttons. Oh, since the last entry, Little Prince has decided he prefers to poop and pee in his diaper rather than go in the potty. How do I know this?...he told me that today. I asked him if he was going to poop and pee in the potty and he told me "no, I poop and pee in my diaper". I asked him if he likes pooping and peeing in his diaper and he said "yup". I even asked him if he wanted to wear his big boy underwear and he told me he wanted to wear his diaper. I think he's back to wanting to be a baby again. DH are going to start watching what we say about being a baby and we are going to make a big deal about being a big boy. We give him lots of loves and snuggles but sometimes I think he wants to stay little.

Speaking of little, when I took them for their first doctor checkup, Little Prince is in the 10 percential for his height and 20% for weight. Princess is in the 40% for height and about the same for weight. What can I say...good things come in small packages!

I was doing fine, making my own bread until my breadmaker died. I wasn't happy. I poured in all the ingredients and then found out the motor burned out. I had to take everything out of the machine and put it in the Kitchenaid. I guessed on the mixing and then had to guess on the baking time. The bread didn't rise until it started baking. It looked good until I took it out of the oven. By the time it cooled down it looked like a brick and was about as heavy as one too. DH and I ran all over the place yesterday trying to find a bread machine. We finally found one at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have always liked that store.

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