November 27, 2009

That's Nasty too.

The word "Nasty" can refer to all kinds of things. Little Prince calls food he doesn't like - nasty, or messy stuff - nasty and anything he thinks looks weird is "nasty". Well the other day, DH and Little Prince come home after taking Princess to school. Little Prince went running for the door but DH said "wait while Daddy finishes his nasty (meaning cigarette). So, they walked around for a few minutes, looking for some trim, in the garage. After about two minutes, Little Prince looked up at DH and asked "are you done pooping, Daddy?" DH told him that Daddy didn't poop and Little Prince said "_(I)_ didn't poop either". I couldn't stop laugh when DH told me that. You wouldn't believe what comes out of his mouth sometimes.

Little Prince still has it in the back of his mind that we are either moving without him or he's moving without us. This morning DH packed up most of his closet (I haven't started on mine!). Little Prince asked him what he was doing and DH told him he was packing his cloths so we can move to the new house. DH looked down at LP and he was standing there with his little lip sticking out - pouting. DH told him we are not moving without him and he brighten right up. I don't think LP will feel comfortable until we are all moved. Then we will have to deal with foster kids coming and going. We are hoping that LP understands that when the kids leave that he won't be leaving.

The court appointed person for the kids, asked us if we had started the adoption process. We haven't yet. Actually, I think we will wait until the termination of parental rights are done before we proceed. We have no doubt that we will be adopting them but the kid's therapist brought up a good point; sometimes if the adoption process has been started before TPR, the courts look at it as if the foster parents and the county are not for reunification. We are not really in any hurry right now anyway. As far as we are concerned, they are our children already.

We have already started Christmas shopping. We bought quite a few puzzles and educational games and toys. Since Princess likes music, we bought a set of music makers too. Oh, and DH order Princess a tricycle! When she started school, she couldn't ride at all, then she could peddle but not steer. Now she takes off and you practically have to jog to keep up with her. We didn't know her progress until her teacher let us borrow a tricycle for the weekend. She had a ball, riding up and down the sidewalk. We don't think LP will have a problem once he has one that he can reach the peddles! I told DH we can get him one and put blocks on the peddles until he grows a little more.

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  1. Oh I remember having blocks on peddles. Ha ha ha! LP sounds like a little comedian. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and I bet Christmas will be extra fun this year with the littles around.