February 4, 2009

Oh no, it's going to take forever...

I spoke with Linda yesterday to find out the next step. One of the things we have to do is either get physicals or at least find out if our family doctor will sign a form affirming that we are in good health. We have the same doctor but I saw his nurse practitioner last time and I think she will be able to go by the last visit for my form but I think they will want to see DH. Also, we have to have our four furry kids in for their shots. DH is taking the girls on Tuesday for updated shots including rabies and we will take the boys in March. Otherwise there is a few things I have to collect like proof of insurance and our daycare plans. I'm sure I can wait on picking a daycare until March or even April (we won't be licensed until the end of April). We probably won't have a placement until mid-May.

I spoke with my dad last night and he won't be able to visit until the first week in May. He will be here for at least two weeks. I was really hoping it would be the end of April but it just won't work out. Anyway, DH and I both feel we should not accept get a placement while he's here. A new placement might work out fine but then again the child could have a harder time adjusting if their is another adult in the house. Also, Dad would have to share a room if the placement is a boy. Our luck they will call us with a placement and it will end up being a baby and I won't want to say "no". I guess whatever is meant to be will be. It's in God's hands.

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