February 17, 2009

Baby Bed

I've been checking out crib sheets at different stores and online. They're a lot more pricey than I thought they would be. I wondered into a used kids store and found 3, almost new, crib sheets for under $5. I bought all three! Two are white and the other is more of a pink color. I figured I'm going to need at least three, if not more. Yesterday I made up the bed with one of the sheets and a piece of fleece I had bought.

I want to make one of those tie together fleece blankets but I wasn't sure how much fabric I was going to need. I went to the fabric store about 3 times to check out the fleece and finally I found what I wanted and it was on sell. I asked the lady if she had a suggestion for how much I need. I picked out a front color and a back color. I got about 1.5 yards of each. The lady suggested that I cut the "ties" only about 2" since we don't know if the child will still be "sucking". I never thought about it but one of those longer 4" ties could be swallowed and someone could choke!! I haven't cut the fleece yet but maybe I'll do it this weekend. I haven't bought any toys but I've sure been tempted.

One of the people I work with brought in a trunk load of toys today. We went and transfered it from their trunk to mine. There's a doll house, a little grocery cart, a basket of toys, a tent that fits over a bed (I think) and a crib bumper pad of Mickey Mouse (Mickey - cool!). I know more people are giving us stuff. The room will be so full of stuff there won't be any room to play!!

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