February 16, 2010

Another Step

We are very pleased with the results from giving Princess Vitamin D and Probiotics. She has been taking them for about a week. She seems to be thinking clearer and not looking so blank. This morning she spilled her juice and when DH told her it was an accident, before he could reach for paper towels, she grabbed a towel and started to clean it up off the floor! This a big thing for her. The other night I heard her up at about 3am. When I went up to see what she was doing, she had taken her wet pullup off, put a clean one and put on a pair of sweat pants. Of course I made go back to bed but I couldn't believe she did that. She's not whining as much when we remind her to go potty. She even puts her bowl or plate in the sink when she's finished with a meal. Yesterday after breakfast she figured out how to carry her plate, fork and sippy cup to the sink at the same time by holding her sippy cup in her mouth. She just seems to be "thinking" more.

She immitates every hand movement I make when I talk to her. DH and I really need to learn more sign language so we can teach her. I think when she immitates my hand movements, she thinks I'm doing a sign. I did get the pictures, for her picture book, printed. I just have to get them laminated. There is always something to do.

The weather has been really wintery in the last few days. We got several inches of snow. That didn't stop us from trying to take the twins for their RSV shots. We actually got half way there and were told we shouldn't go any further. We stopped at a local store to fix the windshield wipers and that's how we found out State Troopers were giving out $50 fines if you got pulled over. Needless to say, we turned around and rescheduled the girl's appointment. Honestly, the roads weren't that bad.

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