January 17, 2010

Vegetables - yuk!

For days now we have been giving Princess green beans. Just last month she loved green beans but now she has decided she doesn't want to eat them. It was the only vegetables she would eat. It started at lunch, yesterday, DH made her a nice lunch and she refused to eat the beans. Last night at dinner he made another meal with beans and she refused to eat them. This morning at breakfast and at lunch, she received green beans again and refused to eat them. Needless to say, she was starving by dinner time (3:00). So, DH decide not the fight with her about beans and made her chicken and french fries. He gave her one french fry, she stuck in her mouth and refused to chew it and swallow it!! Finally she ate it and he gave her the rest of her lunch. The first thing she reached for was a french fry!!!

I don't understand why she won't eat green beans anymore or other vegetables. Could her tastes change so fast? We will have to find a different vegetable that she likes.

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