April 6, 2009

Last Class Finished!

We finished our last class. It was a very good class right from the start, however we did go over sexual abuse which wasn't my favorite. I'm going to miss going to class every Saturday even though it did took up a whole day. The only thing we have to do yet is take the CPR class (which we're doing this week), complete the home study and have the final home inspection.

The Home Study will take about two hours. It's basically a bio of our lives so the agency can match a child with our family. We are still hoping for a child under five, so I hope we don't have to wait too long. I'm really hoping to have a placement by mid-May.

I will continue to blog after we get a child, but I will have to protect their identity and observe their privacy. We signed an agreement to protect privacy. I have been reading other blogs that even post pictures, as long we you can't tell who they are.

I really hope everything goes alright. I'm getting kind of nervous just from the things we learned in class like how these kids can really test you and how they have a hard time attaching to you. I guess whatever will be, will be....kay sira sira LOL

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