December 23, 2009

The family's growing fast!

Oh my gosh, it's been so long since I wrote anything. We are all getting ready for Santa. It doesn't really feel like Christmas without snow but both DH and I are excited about Santa coming. Little Prince still wants a "horse-with-a-long-neck" (aka; giraffe) and toys. I happen to know he's getting a 4ft giraffe! Princess is getting her share of presents also. We simply can't wait!

We have two new additions to our family. Six month twin girls! The agency called us a week ago Tuesday, around 10am and asked us to pick them up at 1:00 from the local office. As luck would have it, I was at work and DH was at home with LP and Princess. Because he couldn't fit our two plus the babies in the car, I was going to leave work long enough to meet him at the office and get everyone home. Well, nothing could be that simple... It turns out something happened at the office and DH was told he would have to pick them up in a little town about a hour north of us. I couldn't leave work for that long! He had to ask our neighbor to come over to watch the kids so he could drive to get the girls. When he got there, the caseworker informed him that they wanted to take the babies to be checked out by a doctor and DH could pick them up at about 2:45. Mean while, I left work to get baby supplies like diapers, formula, bottles, etc. I was like a confused, new mom. I had to guess at the diaper size (I guessed right). I also guessed at the formula type which was wrong. I bought regular Similac and they actually needed sensitive. We only gave them one day of the regular and knew we had to buy the sensitive. They also came with bad colds and a bottle of Amoxicilin. They were both suppose to be on the antibiotic but "mom" could only get one filled. I know it against the law blah blah blah but I split the bottle between the two of them to try to make it for the next six days. It didn't stretch that far. Now I have a feeling I'm going to have to take them to a doctor for another prescription.

They are good babies even if they are sick. Little Prince seems to like them and wants to help with everything he can. He is acting out a little by not listening to what we tell him but that's understandable. Princess seems to care less. She did notice them the other day, while they were having "tummy time" on the floor. She sat down by one of them with a big smile on her face. Every thing was fine until she stuck her feet in the baby's face. The only time LP gets jealous is when I'm feeding one of them and he can't sit on my lap. I let him sit by me any other time I'm holding one of them but it's too hard when I'm feeding them. He is helpful when they are crying by putting their pacifiers back in their mouths or covering them up with a blanket.

We should be moved into the other house by the end of next week. We received the keys and signed all the paper work earlier this week. Little Prince still hasn't decided which room he wants so we are going to decide for him and pick the blue room. I thought Little Prince finally realized that we were all moving but when we were in the car together, driving to get the keys, I told him we were going to the new house and he told me he was going to miss me. I said "honey, you don't have to miss me, we are all going to be living together". I guess once we are moved he will understand.

Princess has been acting out also but more in the way of whinning when we tell her not to do something or to do something like go to the bathroom or go play in her room she cries. She has done backwards with potty training. We have gone through so many pullups it ain't funny. Hopefully after we move we can get back into a routine with her. I think we will pick the mint green room for Princess. It's has teddy bear border which kind of fits whats in her room now.

We have no idea what room the babies will be in. I hate the thought of them being upstairs and us down stairs but we will put a monitor in their room so we can hear them. I'm a pretty light sleeper but I don't look forward to running up and down the stairs every time they cough or cry!

I have a feeling I won't get to write until after the holidays but I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Wow! 4 little people for Christmas. What fun! I wish you the Merriest of Christmas and a very Happy New Year.